Dancing Whimsical Flowers

  Imagine you were a handbag and you were this beautiful, wouldn't you want to dance for joy all day long? We were so delighted at how beautifully our Whimsical Flowers chair turned out, that Zanele recreated it... this time as a Mielie…

They met on a ship...

... and now they're getting married... and they're getting this Mielie cushion. But don't tell, ok? It's a secret.   SaveSave

Herringbone with a twist

Zanele-the-awesome put a spin on our herringbone design and wove this beautiful AJ this week. It's on sale in the shop.   SaveSave

We present: Whimsical Flowers Chair

This chair was a bespoke order for the Department of Arts and Culture. It will be joining the Coronation chair in the South African High Commission in London! Bon voyage, Whimsy! SaveSave

I got a right to sing the blues

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I love the colour of this wall. I see it often in Khayelitsha, both as an interior and an exterior paint. While we are waiting for Zanele's house to be built, we either meet at Vuyelwa's house with its zingy apple-meets-lime green walls,…