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Crochet fun

What’s the past tense of the verb crochet? Crocheted? That just sounds wrong. Be that as it may, I crocheted this lovely bedside mat over the past couple of days! It measures 115cm at it longest and 75cm at its widest. In the shop now for R950.

Creativity = turning flops into fun

We somehow managed make this beautiful Mr Spikey shopper way too long… It measures 29cm wide by 42cm long. What could you use such a deep bag for? Your yoga roll? Two bottles of wine? Post your ideas here – the best idea gets the bag! SaveSave

Wedding ahoy!

Remember the cushion we were asked to make as a wedding gift for the couple who met on a ship? It turned out more beautifully than I could ever have imagined! Thank you, Zanele-the-genius!!     SaveSave


Dancing Whimsical Flowers

  Imagine you were a handbag and you were this beautiful, wouldn’t you want to dance for joy all day long? We were so delighted at how beautifully our Whimsical Flowers chair turned out, that Zanele recreated it… this time as a Mielie bag. Altogether now – twirl! SaveSave

Under Construction!

Construction has finally begun on Zanele’s house! There had been a problem with her boundary – it seems like both neighbours had encroached a bit on her property, but it’s all been sorted and they are throwing the slab as we speak. More good news is that Vuyelwa has also been given the go-ahead and […]

They met on a ship…

… and now they’re getting married… and they’re getting this Mielie cushion. But don’t tell, ok? It’s a secret.   SaveSave